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Benvenuto su Wikisource!

Ciao John Vandenberg, un saluto di benvenuto su Wikisource, la biblioteca libera!

Per iniziare la tua collaborazione, leggi come prima cosa cos'è Wikisource, la pagina delle linee guida ed i manuali contenuti nella sezione aiuto. Se hai domande, dubbi o curiosità non esitare a chiedere al Bar, a un amministratore o a qualsiasi utente vedessi collegato seguendo le ultime modifiche.

Buon lavoro e buon divertimento da tutti i wikisourciani.

Naturalmente benvenuto anche da parte mia e se avessi bisogno non esitare a contattarmi. --Broc 17:36, 12 ott 2007 (CEST)


Hello! I'm happy to see you here. Thanks for your help. --Broc 17:36, 12 ott 2007 (CEST)

Reply by AlexModifica

I replied to you here: Discussioni_utente:Alex_brollo#python_wordlist_generator. Thanks for interest! --Alex brollo (disc.) 11:33, 21 ago 2008 (CEST)

Reply by AlexModifica

I replied to you here: Discussioni_utente:Alex_brollo#python_wordlist_generator. Be only careful about wasting your time following my primitive project... ;-) --Alex brollo (disc.) 14:19, 21 ago 2008 (CEST)

Source for Gesù BambinoModifica

Dear John,

as far as i could understand from a glance at Wikipedia and Wikisource, I assume that this text comes from Wikipedia. Well, that's unfortunately not enough to keep this text here. Since we are still suffering from doubts and possible copyright infringements involving texts from the web, we need a "paper" source, be it scanned and published online (best choice) or at least pointed out in some library. I don't want this text to be deleted, but I have two problems to solve:

  • Pietro Alessandro Yon is without any doubt the author of the musical score. I can't say the same about the lyrics. Even if it isn't paramount, I don't like the idea of spreading wrong information: we are wiki'source,after all. This little glitch has to be fixed somehow.
  • After some web search I still haven't found any printed source (or rather, any website with this italian text specifying a printed source) for this text. This makes the difference between keeping or deleting it. I'll keep searching. By the way, I'm teaching this song to my choir, but with Latin lyrics, as you can see from this score and listen from this video. - εΔω 11:18, 9 ott 2008 (CEST)
The text was moved from English Wikipedia, however I have now supplied a set of pagescans at Fonte:Gesu bambino. That sheet music also includes Latin and French translations on the last two pages.[1] --John Vandenberg (disc.) 05:54, 13 ott 2008 (CEST)
That's great! And we found also proof of P.A. Yon's authorship. That's great. This afternoon I'll proofread, format and protect the text. Thank you for your contribution. --εΔω 07:52, 13 ott 2008 (CEST)
That would be nice. Thank you. John Vandenberg (disc.) 10:57, 13 ott 2008 (CEST)

Incontro di WikisourceModifica

Ciao, al Bar stiamo pensando ad organizzare un incontro nazionale di Wikisource. Ti va di partecipare alla discussione? --MediaWiki message delivery (disc.) 12:02, 16 ott 2016 (CEST)