Hi Kolja21, Autore:Jacopo d'Aquino and Autore:Jacopo d'Acqui are two different persons. The former is a poet who lived in the second half of the XIII century ([1]), the latter is a friar who died in 1334, who wrote annals ([2]). Aquino and Acqui are two different Italian towns, one in the center and one in the north. Of course it wouldn't be so strange that the two of them are confused. --Cruccone (disc.) 19:47, 3 lug 2014 (CEST)

@Cruccone Thanks for your fast reply. The "Schede di autorità" (GND, VIAF) use the same identifiers. I will try to separate both persons. --Kolja21 (disc.) 23:03, 3 lug 2014 (CEST)