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Hello my wikifriend!

I'm Valerio. Call me boz, please.

I like wandering in looking for some technical contributions. My bots also like running in Commons and Wikidata.


Let's spend some words about my non-neutral point of view and my conflict of interests.

  • I strongly promote software freedom and libre contents. Trust me.
  • I work full-time in a cute software house located in Torino as full stack web developer and GNU/Linux sysadmin. Core business: logistical support for the food industry.[1]
  • Note: I'm in a very privileged situation where my salary comes regularly and stably from a private company. Now the amazing part. My company can rent my body to other costumers and when it happens I literally have no any financial benefit or any other benefit for whatever costumer or organization I serve. The only benefit of these collaborations is terms of mental health and gratification about public contributions, if their projects are interesting.

With these premises, here some of the organizations I'm serving / I served via that company, and their related projects:

Wikimedia CH
  • WMCH Infrastructure – keeping some internal wikis up and running
  • WMCH Cronos – developing another MediaWiki-friendly calendar
  • Minipedia – developing a reduced Wikipedia in Italian language focused on accessibility
Wikimedia Italia
  • Minipedia – (see above)

Much interests. Such dummy conflicts. That's great!


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  1. This is not my curriculum or an advertising place. I don't want to diffuse the name of my company here. Anyway it's the ER Informatica (Emilio Ravotti Informatica). You should be able to find some information about it using your favorite search engine.