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I am sorry i don't speak italian (my english is not that good even). I wanted to show you a little modification i did to your script on esWS, in case you'd want to implement something similar. See on [https://es.wikisource.org/wiki/Usuario:Ninovolador/eis.js my local version], the last two functions. They are really simple, but does something I needed. It previews the next or previous page (unlimited times) in a very simple way (just instead the actual image) and doesn't (as far as I know) mess with the flow of editing and saving. I thought it for the hyphenated words at the end, and works pretty well. I hope you take a look. Regards, --[[User:Ninovolador|Ninovolador]] ([[User talk:Ninovolador|disc.]]) 18:55, 9 dic 2016 (CET)
: {{ping|Ninovolador}} Thanks for your interest and your contribution! Feel free to use/edit eis as you like. Yes, I'll add those useful functions; nevertheless consider that it.source uses a different template for hyphenated words, and there's no need to take a look to next page. More, the same template [[Template:Pt]] can be used in ''any case'', where something different has to be shown into nsPage and ns0. --[[User:Alex brollo|Alex brollo]] ([[User talk:Alex brollo|disc.]]) 22:03, 9 dic 2016 (CET)
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